Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Teaching Stuff


This is a little clip chart that I use for behavior in my classroom. All students place a clip with their name on it on the ready to learn section of the clip chart. If they have great behavior they move their clip up. If they have negative behavior they move their clip down. It is great because even if a student has negative behavior they are given the opportunity to change this behavior to positive and begin clipping up. This seems to have been an incentive to change negative behavior. Also, my kids love it when they get to pink! Click the link below to get this chart.

Get your behavior chart here

This is a "How do you get home" clip chart that I created to help with after school transportation. It includes bus riders, parent pick up, after school program, and other. I created it to match my other jungle theme classroom decorations.

Get your transportation chart here



I made these little balloon shaped toppers to go on top of the large pixie sticks. I thought these would be a cute little gift to give my kiddos on their birthday. They are pretty inexpensive. I picked up the pixie sticks at Dollar General for a quarter.  I also made a matching birthday certificate and ribbon. You can get them by clicking below.

Get your birthday balloon toppers here


 Today my kinders created three dimensional shapes out of toothpicks and marshmallows. Not bad for 6 year-olds!

This little girls mom must be a "princess." Every picture had her mom wearing a crown. How sweet!

Some of my sweet kiddos don't have a mom at home. We made this book for Grandma.

Love my girls! They sure have beautiful mom's too!

"This is my mom watching her favorite t.v. show. The Voice was a popular show for the moms in my class"

Here are some examples of pages that I created and put in a Mother's Day Keepsake book. These turned out cute. Click here to get yours.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

May or Summer Journal

Here is a writing journal that I made for May. I know that many schools get out mid-May (mine included), so  I made two covers for this journal. One says my May Journal and the other one says my Summer Journal. I tried to include summer topics (or almost summer), and Mother's Day. If you like this journal you can get it by following the link below.

Get your May or Summer Journal here

Here is a little Mother's Day Keepsake book that my kinders have been working on this week. It is really turning out cute. We are doing a couple pages a day. They are really excited about tomorrow when they get to draw what their mom is "not so good at" and what she looks like when she gets out of bed in the morning. You can get yours below.

This mom has beautiful rosy cheeks.

Some of my kiddos don't have moms at home, so we made books for grandma instead.

Love the princess mom!!

This little girl's mom loves "The Voice."

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Journal

Here is a little writing prompt from the Journal that I made for April. I tried to make this journal theme related. I included Spring, Earth Day, and life cycles. You can get the journal by clicking the link below.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Centers Kindergarten

This center lets the kids read words on frog cards and match them to the correct lilly pad with the matching vowel sound.

I snapped some pictures of my kiddos working during learning centers today. Wow they are messy but very productive. Our theme right now is plants and these are two centers that I have created to go with this theme. The picture on the top has the kids matching addition word problems on flower pots to flowers with the answer. The center at the bottom has the kids building words on a watering an using water drops. They then record their words on a watering can themed sheet. You can get these centers by clicking the links below.

           Get your flower pot math and frog literacy centers here.
           Get your watering can build a word literacy center here.

Parts of a Flower

My kinders made these cute little diagrams of the "parts of a flower." It was pretty simple. I took some coffee filters and cut the edges so that they resembled a flower shape. I had the kids use dot a dot markers and color the inside of the filter one solid color. I then had them use two colors and create a pattern of lines along the outside. The stem is butcher paper twisted, and the roots were strings of yarn. I typed up some quick labels for them to glue on.  They turned out cute and make great spring decor.