May or Summer Journal

Here is a writing journal that I made for May. I know that many schools get out mid-May (mine included), so  I made two covers for this journal. One says my May Journal and the other one says my Summer Journal. I tried to include summer topics (or almost summer), and Mother's Day. If you like this journal you can get it by following the link below.

Get your May or Summer Journal here

Here is a little Mother's Day Keepsake book that my kinders have been working on this week. It is really turning out cute. We are doing a couple pages a day. They are really excited about tomorrow when they get to draw what their mom is "not so good at" and what she looks like when she gets out of bed in the morning. You can get yours below.

This mom has beautiful rosy cheeks.

Some of my kiddos don't have moms at home, so we made books for grandma instead.

Love the princess mom!!

This little girl's mom loves "The Voice."

Crystal McGinnis

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