Saturday, June 15, 2013

Common Core Shape Unit

Students find objects that are a certain shape in magazines. They cut them out and glue them to the  printable. This is one of my shape themed math centers.
This student is building a circle using dot stickers. She started with a pattern but ran out of stickers.
This student is building a square with popsicle sticks. We talked about how each stick must be the same size to build a square.
When we finished our triangle activities, we made these cute triangle hats. The kids loved them. They are always excited to where them home!
I have been working on a common core aligned 2 and 3 D shape unit to help my kinders next year. This one really turned out great. I stopped at 110 pages, but I probably could have kept going. These pictures just give you a glimpse of what you will see in this pack. I included shape posters, board games, I have Who Has, Memory Games, Songs, Crowns, Printables, Playdoh Mats and SO MUCH MORE!! Kids love shapes, so this was an easy unit to create. You can get the unit by clicking below.

                    Get Your Shape Unit Here

Let the alphabet begin! The first half of kindergarten is focused mainly on learning the alphabet. I have been working on alphabet recognition activities to help my kinders learn their alphabet. Here is a preview of my letter A pack. I use the journeys reading series, and we focus on a "Letter of the Week." These activities should keep my kinders busy during our alphabet time.  Some of the activities will be used in my alphabet literacy center. You can get it at the link below.