Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jungle Decorations with Boy and Girl

Here are some pics from a Jungle Themed Classroom Decorations pack that I created. There is a picture from each set of posters that you get in the pack. I bundled them all together and tried to make them as inexpensive as I could. They turned out cute!!  Get the pack at the link below.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Zebra Jungle Decorations

I went in this week and began decorating my jungle themed classroom. Well, it is not exactly all jungle themed. I went with zebra stripes and several bright colors this year. The main color is pink, but I did not want to over do it, so I added many other colors to keep it bright. Here is what I have accomplished so far.
This is my caring kids display. Each week I choose a caring kid in my classroom. I will place their picture below the  month that they were chosen. Each month will have 4 student pictures. Caring kids are chosen if they show great character in and out of the classroom.

These are my hand raising charts. If a student has a need, they simply raise their hand with the correct number of fingers raised. This lets me know what they need if I am working with other students or teaching a lesson and do not need to be interrupted.

This is my zebra behavior clip chart. LOVE IT! My students place a clip with their name on it on green each day. If they have great behavior, they move their clip up. Negative behavior is a clip movement down. Consequences are given for downward movement, and rewards are given for upwards movement.

Days of the Week in Pink and Zebra Stripes. I also found the cute border at Mardel.

These little tubs store my center activities. I simply place center activities in the tubs, and the tubs are numbered. Students rotate to the next number each day. It works great in my classroom.

My zebra shape charts.

My zebra color charts.

My zebra and pink birthday display. Each month I will place a group picture with the students that have a birthday during that month. The students will be holding a card with the exact date (22nd) etc. in the picture.  

Not quite done with this one. I was attempting to create a Star of the Week display using my jungle stars. Above the board I have placed my whole brain teaching posters.

At the top of the picture I have my jungle themed numbers to 10. I created a large version that will be easy for my kids to see.
Love this guy! I picked up this balloon at a local party supply store. I am going to attempt to create a body, and the head will give it a three dimensional look. I can't wait to create this display.
This cute little basket came from Big Lots. It will store my kids' daily folders.

This is my "how do you get home" chart. The kids put a clip on the chart showing how
they will get home from school.

This is not jungle related, but I wanted an incentive for my kinders to learn to tie their shoes. Once students know how to tie their shoes, they will get to choose a pair of shoes (cutout) and add it to the bulletin board.

These are my alphabet letters that are in my writing area. They are truly pink!

This lantern came from Hobby Lobby. I got it in a 3 pack with three different colors.

I found a shower curtain on a clearance rack at Dollar General. It made an easy book shelf cover. The great thing is, I had to do no sewing!

Here is a zerbra striped welcome sign. I did not have enough room for the E in my picture.

This cute little lamp came from Dollar General also.  I needed a little light to use while my kids were having rest time.

Here is my classroom door. I am  not sure if it has grown on me yet!

I covered one of my cabinets with contact paper from Walmart. It was a quick fix to a worn out cabinet.
Here is the outside of my classroom door. This little guy took a long time to create this morning.  I think he was a pretty fun way to decorate my door. My neighbor teacher has a giraffe on her door. Adorable!

Bigger pic of my zebra door! The more I look the more I think his head should have been a little bit bigger. The board on the wall beside him it a board that I found at hobby lobby for 60 cents. Bargain! I think that I will put my class list on it for a cute display.

These are pics from my zebra themed binder. I find it easier to keep all of my paperwork in one spot, so all I have to do is grab and go. This binder has divider sheets, circular divider tabs, and paperwork for birthdays, parent contact, student health information etc. The version that I have for sale is not editable, but I felt like I included the most general dividers that most teachers use.

I created this little certificate to place on my student's desks at open house. All I did was take a Little Debbie Zebra Cake and place it in an individual sandwich baggie. I placed this on the certificate to look like the zebras body. I sell these in my TPT store. I have been personalizing them by changing Welcome to the Kindergarten Jungle to Welcome to YOUR CLASS! at the bottom. If you are interested click the link at the bottom of the page to get one. These certificates are also available through fifth grade.
This is what one of the behavior certificates that I will be giving at the end of each week will look like. I give behavior certificates for the first month of school. Students will get a certificate and a small prize out of my prize box for great behavior.
I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I have a great start. If you like anything, it is all available in my TPT store. Click the link below to get there. I also have many other jungle products.