Friday, August 16, 2013

Alphabet and Name Crowns

The school year has officially started! Today we made these cute alphabet name crowns to celebrate our first day of school and to get a little name practice in. It was actually our second day, but the first day was entirely too busy. The kids looked adorable wearing these crowns and they were very excited to take them home. I actually had planned on making our name necklaces to go with our crowns but I decided not to overwhelm my kinders with more than one task at a time. These crowns are available in my TPT store. (You can write their names or the students can write their own names). Click the link below to get the crowns.

Click here to get my name crowns

Monday, August 5, 2013

Numbers and Apples

 Apple Unit
The following is a sneak peak into my apple unit. I spend a few weeks studying apples during the month of September.
After reading about different types of apples, we completed this apples "have" and apples "are" chart.

I then cut up a variety of apples for us to taste test. We used the results to create this "Our favorite apple" graph.

Here are some pics from our "Favorite Apple Graph." We taste tested the apples before we created our graph.

This is a book that I created. Students counted the number of apples on top and wrote the number in the box. This is a great one on one correspondence activity. This went along with the book "Apples on Top."

Students ordered the apples from 1-10.

Students tested an apple to see if it sinks or floats.

Students measured themselves using real or paper apples I provided.


This is an apple counting book. Students counted the number of apples and record their answer.

This is an example of the apple investigation stations that I set up when we study apples. Students find the circumference, height, weight, and number of seeds in their apple. They also test for sinking and floating and what an apple looks like when cut in half. I will set these up as stations. I will be at the station where the apple is cut in half and students look at the inside and count the seeds. I have created a book to go along with the apple investigations where the students will record their data.

This is a little craft that my students will create after we read "Ten Apples Up On Top." Students will create a portrait of themselves and then place the apple strips on their portrait to look like the apples are on top of their head. They will number the apples and create a pattern with the apples. You can get the pattern for this craft by clicking here.

This little project will let students label the parts of an apple after they put the apple together.

This little apple craft would make a great room decoration during the month of September.

My kids will make these Johnny Appleseed hats when we study apples. Students will write their own  name on the front of the hat.


This craft includes a cute little poem and an apple tree. The students paint the apples on the tree using their fingerprints. This would make a great keepsake!

This apple mobile is used to teach the life cycle of an apple. Students glue the life cycle in order on a ribbon attached to the apple.

We made homemade apple sauce. My kids absolutely loved the process. They used this apple peeler and slicer to get the apples ready. We then filled my crockpot with peeled apples. I had my helper dump a large amount of sugar over the apples. We then added some cinnamon. I cooked the apples all day. All I had to do was stir them occasionally. At the end of the day I mushed the apples with my mashed potato masher. The applesauce was a big hit!

We played this apple themed game. I placed number cards (from 1-10) in this icing container. I also placed some apple themed cards that had worms on them in the container. We passed around container and each student picked a card out of the container. As they pulled a card from the container, they said the number. If they were correct they placed the card in front of them on the floor. If they pulled out a worm card, they had to put all of their cards back into the container. The person with the most cards at the end of the time was the winner. After we played this whole group, I placed it in my math center.

I created this packet so that when September rolls around, I will already have my apple activities ready instead of searching. All I will need are some books about apples and the life of Johnny Appleseed and I will be set. If you would like this cute apple packet which includes 20 apple activities and all of these crafts above, it is for sale in my TPT store.
 Apple Themed Learning Centers
I love to create learning centers that match the theme that we are learning about in my classroom. September is here, so my theme for most of the month will be apples. Here is what my kindergarten students will be doing during center time.
My kids will order these alphabet apples from A to Z. I stuck magnetic tape to the back of these, and now they stick perfectly to my magnetic white board. When they are done they will complete the alphabet match activity sheet.

My kids will match apple rhyming words in my pocket chart. They will then complete this drawing rhyming words activity sheet.

One to one correspondence and counting is very important at the beginning of Kindergarten. To practice this, my kids will clip the number on these apples with the correct number of clothes pins. They will then finish by completing this activity sheet.

 My students will also practice their number fluency with this apple tree number match. Students will match apple trees with numbers on them to apples that show the numbers in various ways (dice, tens frames, cubes, number words etc.)

My kids love dot markers! I placed these capital letter apples in a basket. My students will pull out the capital letter and then dot the lowercase match on the recording sheet. They continue until all letters have been dotted.
At my play-doh center I have placed these numbered apples. My students will build apples seeds with play-doh to match the number on the apples.

 My kids love highlighters and write the room activities. I hung up these alphabet apples all around my room. My students will "spy" the alphabet apples, and then highlight the apple on their recording sheet when they find it. This is one of those centers that the kids love to do over and over. All I have to do is move the apples.
This center allows my students to use a hole punch. My kids will punch "worm holes" in the apples to match the number on each apple. They will then color the apples.
 Quick & Easy Fall Printables
I also created this quick fall themed "print and go" pack for my Kindergarten students. I am always looking for morning work and literacy center activities, so I created this pack with that in mind. It's quick and there is no preparation. This set includes 30 activities and should last me through September/October.  I LOVE the Fall season, so this was a lot of fun to create. I just love these scarecrows! You can get this pack in my TPT store.

I created these number formation posters and printables to help my kinders with their number formation at the beginning of the year. The poems are pretty  much the same poems that everyone uses,  I just changed the wording on a few that never really made sense to me. I also put them in first person using the word "I" on the poems. I included the printables because I thought this would be  great way to share the poems with parents. The poems that I used are listed below:
Around and around, around I go, that's the way I make a zero!
Straight line down, then I'm done, that's the way I make a one!
 Around and back, across the railroad track, makes a two two!
Around a tree, around a tree, that's the way I make a three!
Down, across, down some more, that's the way I make a four!
Go down and around, then add a hat, there's your five, now how about that!
Start at the top, come down and make a loop real quick, now that's the way, I make a six!
I cross the sky, then slant the line, to make a seven, each and every time!
Across the sky, down from Heaven, that's the way I make a seven.
Make an S, don't be late, come back up, and that's an 8.
A hoop and a line, now that's a nine!
If you would like these posters and printables click the link below!