Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Build a Bug

We have been learning about insects this week. Today we read the story "I Love Bugs." My kinders then created their own bug. I simply copied various sized circles and ovals on construction paper. I also provided eyes for their bugs. My kinders did everything else. I gave them no rules except that their insect had to have 6 legs and a pair of antenna. They were allowed to use any of the circles and ovals that I copied and arrange them in any way that they chose. I was amazed at how creative they were. They then pretended that they were bug experts and they wrote facts about insects.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shape Creation Books

These books are always a big hit with my classes. Each year my kids make these "Shape Creation Books" in which they turn ordinary objects into shape creations or real objects. I am always amazed at what they can come up with! Here are a few examples.
It was a circle. Now it is a donut.

It was an oval. Now it is a pizza.

It was a triangle. Now it is a house.

It was a triangle. Now it is a hat.

It was a triangle. Now it is a girl.


It was a rectangle. Now it is a bus.

It was a rectangle. Now it is a cheetah.

It was a square. Now it is Sponge Bob.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Objective Board

This year our building principal asked us to display our learning objectives so that they were visible for our students to see. As a kindergarten teacher this proved to be difficult because I wanted to display it in way that my kindergarten students could understand. In other words I wanted to make it "kindergarten friendly." Here is what I came up with. I took my largest bulletin board and sectioned it off into three sections (math, science/social studies, and reading). I labeled the top of the bulletin board "What are we learning about this week?" On Monday mornings, I place a few items on the bulletin board that show the topics that we are discussing. I add items throughout the week including student work samples on the topics we are working on, books we are reading (clipped up with a clothespin), our word wall words for the week, letter of the week, etc. By the end of the week the bulletin board is full of examples of the objectives that were taught for the week.
I also wanted to display the Common Core Standards that I am teaching each day in order to keep me on track and focused. I created these Common Core posters that align with the Common Core Standards. I laminated the posters and put book rings through them and placed them on my white board. The standards are color coded so that it is easy for me to find the standard that I am looking for and quickly flip to it. I change this each morning so that it matches my lessons. I will take the posters and set them out to display at conferences so that the parents will have a chance to look through the standards and hopefully become more familiar with them.

I have only completed the Math posters so far. You can get them below.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

March Common Core Printables

 I love to teach with a theme in mind. When I think of March I think of St. Patrick's Day, kites, rainbows, and finally warmer weather. I created this pack with those themes in mind. This Common Core Aligned Kindergarten Printables pack includes 41 pages that would be perfect for literacy stations, morning work, or whole group activities. The best part is all you have to do is print and go.
Take a look at the preview. You can get this set at the following link.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kindergarten Common Core Standards Posters

This year my building principal asked us to display our objectives for the lessons that we are teaching. In order to make this happen I created an objective board which displays what we are learning for the week. I created Common Core Posters for each of the Math Common Core Standards that also have a picture to illustrate the standard. I will use these posters on my Objective Board. I will simply look at my lesson plans for the week and change out my posters accordingly. I will also be creating posters for Communication Arts soon.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spelling Word Practice Made Fun

Do you have trouble getting your kids to study their spelling words? I am the mother to a first grader. This year was the first year that she has had spelling tests. I was really having trouble getting her to study her spelling words. She would make up any excuse that she could to get out of it. With that in mind, I created this set of activities hoping that I could get her to practice without the whining. This set could be used with any spelling or sight words. Here is what I came up with.

(I am also a Kindergarten teacher so this is how I will use these activities in my own classroom.)


Write It Fancy!
Take a q-tip and dip it in glue. Write you sight word with the glue. Pour glitter over the glue. Shake it off! Your sight word is now fancy! This is my daughter's favorite.

Sight Word Stamp
 Students stamp their sight words using available stamps. I purchased mine through Lakeshore but they also have foam ones available at Oriental Trading.

Rainbow Write Your Sight Words
Students write their sight words using a different color for each letter.

Q-Tip Painting
Students use q-tips and paint  their sight words in the boxes.
Color Your Sight Word
Students write their sight words using a different color each time. This will also help students learn how to read their color words.


Play-Doh Sight Words
Students build each of their sight words with Play-doh. After building the sight word, students write the sight words on the provided recording sheet. (I use recording sheets so that my students are held accountable.)

Sight Word Bingo
Students play a normal game of bingo. I have my students write in the sight words to help with memorization.
Sight Word Book Hunt
Students look through books looking for their sight words. Once found, students write their sight word in a circle along with the page number where it can be found. This activity works better with the common sight words that can be found in most books.
Sight Word Race
Students roll the dice. Students write their new sight words the amount of times that equals the number on the dice. Students race a partner to see who finishes first.
Pencil, Crayon, and Pen
Students write each of their sight words using pencil, then crayon, then pen.
Sight Word Race Against the Timer
Students flip over a timer and write their sight word or words as many times as they can before the timer runs out.
Sight Word Vowel Hunt
Students write their sight words and then use a crayon to circle the vowels.
Sight Word Write and Tally
Students write each of their sight words and then tally how many letters are in the sight word.
Sight Word Spelling Practice Activities For ANY Words Perf
All of the printables above are included in this little packet that is available in my tpt store. Enjoy!