Objective Board

This year our building principal asked us to display our learning objectives so that they were visible for our students to see. As a kindergarten teacher this proved to be difficult because I wanted to display it in way that my kindergarten students could understand. In other words I wanted to make it "kindergarten friendly." Here is what I came up with. I took my largest bulletin board and sectioned it off into three sections (math, science/social studies, and reading). I labeled the top of the bulletin board "What are we learning about this week?" On Monday mornings, I place a few items on the bulletin board that show the topics that we are discussing. I add items throughout the week including student work samples on the topics we are working on, books we are reading (clipped up with a clothespin), our word wall words for the week, letter of the week, etc. By the end of the week the bulletin board is full of examples of the objectives that were taught for the week.
I also wanted to display the Common Core Standards that I am teaching each day in order to keep me on track and focused. I created these Common Core posters that align with the Common Core Standards. I laminated the posters and put book rings through them and placed them on my white board. The standards are color coded so that it is easy for me to find the standard that I am looking for and quickly flip to it. I change this each morning so that it matches my lessons. I will take the posters and set them out to display at conferences so that the parents will have a chance to look through the standards and hopefully become more familiar with them.

I have only completed the Math posters so far. You can get them below.

Crystal McGinnis

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