Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I cannot believe that it is almost April! I just finished setting up my Easter themed math and literacy centers in my classroom today and they are all Easter themed. My kids do really well with centers at this point in the year. I have finally trained them how to complete centers independently so that I may spend time with my small reading groups. Here are my new center activities.

My kids need lots of word work practice! This is my Easter Egg cvc word building center. I placed cvc words that were cut into three letters in plastic Easter eggs. Students will order the letters to build a word. Students will then write the word and draw a picture of the word on the cvc word mat.

This is my magnet center. I purchased a super large roll of magnetic tape at Wal-Mart. I pretty much stick it to the back of everything. My kids will order the numbered Easter Eggs from 0-30.

This is a real and nonsense word sort. Students will read words that are on Easter Egg shaped cutouts. Students will sort the words into real words and silly words. Students will write the words that were sorted on the recording sheet.

This is my roll & color addition game. My students love this game so I have pretty much created a version of it for every season and holiday.

This game is called roll and write. Students roll the dice that has word families on it. He or she must write a word that rhymes with the word family in the Easter Egg shapes.

This is my Easter Egg cvc match up activity. My kids will match the cvc word half of an Easter Egg to a matching picture on the other side of an Easter Egg.  Students will then create their own cvc words on a recording sheet.

This game is called roll and cover. Students will roll the word family dice. Students will then cover a word that matches the word family with a jelly bean. The first person to have all of the Easter Eggs covered is the winner.

This is my addition version of the game "Candy Land." Students will add the numbers on the addition card. Students will move that many places on the game board. If a student lands on an Easter picture card, he or she will move directly to that space. The first person to reach the end will be the winner.

 I always have a writing center in my classroom. At this center my students will pick an Easter themed picture card. He or she will then write a sentence using that word in the sentence. He or she then picks another one and does it again.

Kindergarten students are now expected to add and subtract with fluency. At this center, my kinders will match subtraction rabbit cards with carrot cards that have the correct answer. I always have a recording sheet at most of my centers. My kids will complete a recording sheet when he or she is done matching all of the cards.

This is my scrambled sentences center. My kids will unscramble Easter sentences in order to create a sentence that makes sense. He or she will then color the picture that matches the sentence.

My art center has a hodge-podge of random stuff. I added these Easter Egg printables for my kinders to decorate.
Here some additional Spring Writing Freebies for you. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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