Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fire Safety

Here is a little sneak peak at my Fire Safety Pack. Fire Safety week is in October. We usually have our local Fire Department come and teach our kids about fire safety. I will use this set the day before they come so my kids will be one step ahead!

I made this fire safety craft to use as a hallway display. Each fireman will display a different fire safety rule.

I love to display photos of my kids so I may actually use this craft instead. I will glue a picture of my kids to the fireman body. Under the display, my kids will choose a fire safety rule that they would like to display. We are not writers yet, so I thought that it would be much easier if I have the safety rules ready and all they will have to do is choose one and color.

I created this emergent reader to help my kids learn their sight words for the week of Fire Safety. We will be learning the words see & a. 

I created a set of posters to display on my objective board during Fire Safety Week. Each poster shows a different fire safety tip.