Monday, April 13, 2015

Insect Fun In Kindergarten

My kids love to learn about bugs and insects! This week that is our focus. We are only two days in, but we have accomplished a lot. Take a look to see what we are doing.

We began our week by learning about bugs in general. We learned that insects have six legs, 2 antenna, and an exoskeleton. I created this emergent reader to teach my kids about insects. Anything that I can do to keep them reading seems to help.

We also looked at insects beneath a microscope.

Our focus for today was ladybugs. We read these two books. They were a big hit!

We created these ladybugs using a template that I created. It is amazing how they can all use the same pieces but still end up with a different looking creation.

We studied the life cycle of a ladybug. It has several stages to go through before it becomes a full size bug.

I created this book that gives facts about ladybugs by having the students see what their life would be like if they were a ladybug.

We brainstormed about what we learned about ladybugs. This was our pre-writing!

We finished up by writing a sentence about ladybugs.

This is the template that we use for our ladybug craft.

We also spent a day learning about bees. This is the book that I introduced our topic with. I really liked this one. This would make a great addition to a classroom library.

After reading we completed our bubble map together as a class.

We then created these cute little bees and wrote about them.


These activities came out of my insects unit that I created for Kindergarten. I will keep posting pics as we complete them each day. Thanks for looking!

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