Candy Hearts Activities for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is all about love, and my kids LOVE candy hearts! The week of Valentine's Day I set up candy heart activities to keep my kids engaged in the classroom while still learning! I ask each of my students to bring in one large bag of candy hearts to use with the activities.
Check them out!
Valentine Estimation-The students estimate how many hearts they think it will take to cover the hearts on the printable. They then count and check!
Valentine Add & Color-Students roll the dice, add the numbers, and then cover the answer with a candy heart. The first person to have all hearts covered is the winner!

Valentine Arrow Measuring-Students measure each arrow with candy hearts. Fun!

Candy Heart Sorting and Graphing-Students sort their candy hearts, and then graph them. Easy!

Valentine Patterns-Students create various patterns using their candy hearts.

Candy Heart Tic-Tac-Toe
Candy Heart Number Sentences-Students are given an addition card with a number sentence on it. Students use their candy hearts to build and solve the problem.
Candy Heart Balancing-Students see how many candy hearts it takes to equal the weight of classroom objects.
If you like my candy heart activities, and would like to use them in your classroom, CLICK THIS LINK!

Crystal McGinnis