25 Sight Word Books for Kindergarten

It is amazing how much kindergarten kiddos learn their first year of school! Times have changed so much over the years, and that includes the expectations for kindergarteners. Not only are they learning the basics, but by the end of the school year they will have learned how to read books and how to write sentences and paragraphs! One of the foundational skills developed in kindergarten is learning sight words. When I first started teaching kindergarten, the students were expected to learn 40 sight words. A few years later, that was up to 88 sight words. That seems so hard to believe for a 5 year old!

One of the tools that you can use for teaching sight words is sight word books. This is the perfect way to introduce sight words along with other reading foundational skills at the same time. I created a set of sight word books that are SIMPLE, and PREDICTABLE which is how kindergarten students learn to read. Students will be introduced to one new sight word book each week that correlates with their new sight word of the week. 

Ideas for using these books include:
Find & Highlight the Sight Words
Use the Picture Cues to Figure Out Words We Don't Know
Partner Read the Books
Use the book as a tool for writing. Let students illustrate a page that matches the book in their journal. 

Here are some examples from the set of sight word books.

Grab this pin to come back to these books!

Crystal McGinnis


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  2. Are these free or do i have to pay to get these?


  3. Are these for free or should i pay to get these? How can i get the pdf?